College Scoops with Moira McCullough (repost)

College Scoops with Moira McCullough (repost)

Fall begins the student/parent college tours busy season.   In June 2020, Moira McCullough presented a webinar for College Scoops.  College Scoops connects students and parents with the current student community by sharing all the latest information updated by students for students. 

College Scoops guides are made by students for students, so you can live, learn, and eat like a local. 

We enjoyed having Moira as a speaker.  

Click here to view the complete webinar:

You can learn more about College Scoops at:

You can email Moira at: Be sure to let her know you heard about College Scoops at her CWC presentation!

Good luck on your tours! We hope your student finds their perfect fit.