Webinar Recap: College Scoops with Moira McCullough

Webinar Recap: College Scoops with Moira McCullough

Thank you to Moira McCullough for her webinar on College Scoops.  College Scoops connects students and parents with the current student community by sharing all the latest information updated by students for students. It goes beyond the data to give you an authentic college experience.

As a parent of three college-bound students, Moira is well-versed in the college search process. Having worked in the technology and consulting fields at NYNEX and PwC in NYC and London, Moira used her experience to create a comprehensive platform to help prospective families and college students have the best college experience.

Click here to view the complete webinar: https://bit.ly/CWCZ9CollegeScoopsRecap

You can learn more about College Scoops at: www.collegescoops.com. You can email Moira at: moira@collegescoops.com. Be sure to let her know you heard about College Scoops at her CWC presentation!

Thank you for your continued support of the College Woman’s Club of Westfield.  We hope to see you at another CWC event in the fall of 2021.  

Anne Wargo, President 2021-2022

Here is a note Moira wanted us to share:

Imagine the ultimate college self-guided tour where you quickly access where to live, eat, play, study, and stay on and around campus. You’re quickly in the know about unique campus traditions, shortcuts to getting things done, tips on how to succeed (and finding the best pizza), and more.

College Scoops connects with current students and parents to share their inside scoops on all aspects of applying to, attending, or graduating from college. Our team includes hundreds of college students who work hard to bring their insights to families so they can get a better feel and vibe of the campus and student body whether they are visiting in person or virtually.

We know it can be a stressful process so we work tirelessly to make sure you have a connection and all the relevant information at your fingertips to not only help parents with the logistics of a visit but also the students who can view a campus through the lens and voice of a current student.
We just launched our College Scoops Guides (75+) which are interactive, self-guided tours of not only the campus but the surrounding area as well. Wondering what events are happening on and around Duke, Michigan, UVA, or Bowdoin? We’ve got you covered. We highlight art events, museums, hiking and biking trails, local farmer’s markets, and much more. Our guides are made by students for students so you can live, learn, and eat like a local. 

Enjoy the summer!

Best, Moira