Webinar Recap: Financial and Merit Aid 101

Webinar Recap: Financial and Merit Aid 101

Thank you to Susana MacLean of MacLean College Counseling for her October 2021 webinar.   If you could not attend, we have included the presentation for your viewing.

Click here to view the webinar presentation. 

Here is a note from Susana MacLean regarding the presentation:

Thank you for registering for my College Woman’s Club of Westfield presentation on Financial and Merit Aid 101.

During the webinar, I addressed common questions from parents and students such as:

What is the difference between need-based and merit-based financial aid?

What kinds of aid are offered to families?

What is the process to apply for financial aid?

How do I know whether our family qualifies for need-based aid?

How do we find colleges that offer good need-based or merit-based aid?

When I wrote the financial aid presentation, I thought it would take longer to present than it did, so I left out the topic of Net Price Calculators (NPCs). Afterward, I added slides to the presentation with information about NPCs, which are tools on colleges’ websites that generate a rough estimate of how much attendance at that college might cost a family, after need-based and, sometimes, merit-based awards are applied.

I have also added a page of resources including books and websites. The amended presentation is attached. Click here to view.

In addition, please find, attached to this email, two more documents I would like to share, created by my colleagues, Jeff Levy and Jennie Kent, of Big J Consulting:

A set of instructions regarding the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Click here to view.

The chart I showed a screen shot of in the presentation, listing need-based vs. merit aid awards at over 400 individual colleges. Click here to view.

Best regards,

Susana MacLean