Webinar recap:Understanding Financial Aid in the Time of COVID

Webinar recap:Understanding Financial Aid in the Time of COVID

We hope those who did attend our latest webinar, Understanding Financial Aid in the Time of COVID, found it informative.  If you did not get a chance to attend our webinar, we have included a link to the presentation in this email.

Click on the link to view the final presentation:  https://bit.ly/CWCFinancialAidVideo

Here are final thoughts from Bill Rabbit and Matt Carpenter, of College Funding Services, our moderators for the evening:

Colleges and universities are vying for excellent candidates and are willing to extend financial aid packages when they are able. Although we can’t visit many college campuses right now, we can continue to educate ourselves for an eventual return to normalcy.

COVID-19 is impacting colleges in many ways:

More schools are going test optional. 

Ivy and State schools will experience little change while others may experience lots.

Sports and extracurricular activities will be affected (recruiting in particular).

Some consumers will benefit from these challenges.

The Financial Aid Equation: COA – EFC = NEED

(Cost of Acceptance) – (Expected Financial Cost) equals Aid from the Federal Government and HESC

There are approaches for appealing for the best possible financial aid package.

You can contact Bill Rabbit directly at: 1-844-237-4243 to schedule a consultation.  Their company website is: www.ineedfinancialaid.com.