Webinar Recap: Elder Care & Senior Planning: Aging Gracefully

Webinar Recap: Elder Care & Senior Planning: Aging Gracefully

Our event, Elder Care & Senior Planning: Aging Gracefully, was held last week. We would like to thank our guest speaker, Liz Miller of Personal Financial Navigation, who offered very useful and topical advice on how we can increase our peace of mind as we or our parents age.  She touched on many areas, including estate planning, long-term care and how we can develop an action plan to help us in the future.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to watch the replay of the webinar.

Please click on the link to watch the webinar: http://bit.ly/CWCRecapElderCare

Our next event is a webinar in our College in the COVID Landscape series.    This event, our 6th in the series, will focus on mental health of high school seniors and college freshmen.  The webinar will be held on Thursday, February 11 at 7:00 PM. Our guest speaker, Maggie DiPasquale, is a wellness coach who has worked with students across the country, empowering girls to lead happy, healthy lives.  The hour-long discussion will focus on mental health and happiness.  The event is free and open to everyone.  For more information or to register, please go to: https://bit.ly/Z6MentalHealthRegister 

Please find a note from our presenter, Liz Miller, regarding the webinar:

Thank you for joining my presentation on Aging Gracefully. I feel the top 5 things you need to age gracefully are:

Have an Estate Plan

Establish Advanced Directives

Locate Critical Documents

Determine a Long-term Care Plan

Develop a Personal Action Plan

Hopefully you will be able to use the information I presented for your own family or to help a family member plan for the future.  If you would like a copy of the PFN Important Document Checklist, please email me directly. 

For more information about the range of services PFN offers please contact me at 908.568.2458 or email me at lmiller@pfnavigation.com or go to my website at www.pfnavigation.com.

Thanks again for joining us.

Liz Miller