Webinar Recap: Mental Health Discussion with Maggie DiPasquale

Webinar Recap: Mental Health Discussion with Maggie DiPasquale

On Thursday February 11 we hosted the sixth Zoom Webinar in our series “College in the Covid Landscape” covering a discussion of Mental Health among high school seniors and college freshmen.

Our speaker, Maggie DiPasquale reviewed:

3 myths of the college experience:

Expectations don’t always meet with reality.

You may not meet your best friend right away.

It seems like everyone else loves their college experience and I don’t.

Wellness in the Virtual World, where we have become “Zoom-bies”

Convert Expectations of Productivity into Expectations of Purpose.

Make routine into ritual to give yourself permission and meaning to doing even little things (like a walk or a quick yoga practice or a mantra).

Give yourself permission to take a break — we no longer have a commute or a walk to school or even breaks between classes to recharge.

2 Ways to Prepare for Freshman Year:

Find your Mentor before you leave for school — choose someone a bit older with more perspective.

Work on your Inner world before you go out to the Outer world.

How College Process Affects your College Experience:

The story you tell yourself and others becomes the story you tell for the rest of your life: build your story around competence with confidence.

Relax and set it up right by thinking through what feeds you and your heart and soul.

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Maggie created a special resource list to share with you.